Monday, November 27

Change of Venue

Sunday's letter-a-thon has been moved from Kaffa Crossing to The Last Drop (13th & Pine). Join us for the event -- see below or contact SUSTAIN for more information!


Sunday, November 26

Join Us on Sunday!

Thanks to David Markel for this beautiful poster!


Wednesday, November 15

December 3: Letters for Palestine

SUSTAIN-Philly will host "Letters for Palestine: Words of Resistance" on Sunday, December 3rd from 2-5 PM downstairs at The Last Drop (13th & Pine).

This event will benefit Samidoun in Lebanon, Women
for Life/Flowers against the Occupation on the West Bank, and the Middle East Children's Alliance relief efforts in Gaza. Please join us for an afternoon of education and solidarity!

Participants in the letter-a-thon will write letters to politicians, family, members of our communities of origin, our teachers and clergypeople, newspapers, Flowers Against the Occupation, our neighbors, organizations, long-lost friends, and others. Our letters will be political, educational, and personal. For inspiration, we will read Beirut Blues by Hanan al-Shaykh, Letters from Young Activists, and more.

Our goal is to raise $1500. We ask all participants to contribute at least $50 through sponsorships, a personal donation, or some combination of the two. If you can't come but want to support the effort, sponsor a friend!

Through pursuing sponsors, participants will raise awareness about the U.S. role in the Israeli assault on Lebanese and Palestinian lives and land. At the same time, we'll spread the word about resistance and rebuilding being organized by Samidoun and Women for Life/Flowers against the Occupation.

We hope that the letters we send will help get more of us involved in demanding an end to US aid to Israel, rerouting our tax dollars toward affordable housing, living-wage jobs, access to health care, and funding for our school systems.

The event will also be a good time! We'll be in an intimate and fun venue, and we will supply nice pens, stationary, notecards, typewriters, etc. for letter writing.

To participate or to find out more, email sustainphilly at


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