Saturday, January 19

60 Days of Action for 60 Years of Disposession

Hello SUSTAIN supporters!

Philadelphia SUSTAIN-Stop US Tax Aid to Israel Now!, in collaboration with other social justice organizations around Philadelphia, is organizing 60 days of action for 60 years of Palestinian dispossession. 2008 commemorates 60 years since Al-Nakba, the Catastrophe, when in 1948 the State of Israel was founded over the displacement and exile of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

SUSTAIN is heading an international call for focused, targeted action to support human rights, including the right to return, in Palestine. We are working with other organizations to establish a calendar of 60 days of protests, cultural events, readings, and film screenings to educate Philadelphia about where our tax dollars are going and where they're not going, the violence they're funding in Palestine and the positive change they could make if they were redirected to fund our city's needs.

SUSTAIN is a small, grassroots organization and we would love you to get involved! If you have been wanting to plug into Palestine Solidarity work locally, now is the time!

Email to get more information on how to participate in organizing for the 60 Days of Action.


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