Thursday, January 18

LOVE PHILLY: Bring Our Money Home!

SUSTAIN Philly [Stop U.S. Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now] demands that our tax dollars stop destroying in Palestine and start building in Philadelphia.

Right now, billions of dollars each year go from U.S. taxpayers to the Israeli military, funding the destruction of Palestinian homes, agriculture, and infrastructure. At the same time, people in the U.S. -- including in Philadelphia -- face crises around health-care, housing, and education. Federal taxes need to come home to support our cities instead of a militarized, racist foreign policy in Palestine, Iraq, and around the world.

SUSTAIN aims to raise awareness in Philadelphia about where our tax dollars are going and where they're not going, the violence they're funding in Palestine and the positive change they could make if they were redirected to fund our city's needs.

SUSTAIN Philly and our friends use multiple tactics to educate and agitate around U.S. tax policies. Ideas for action include public art; teach-ins; letter-writing parties; fundraising for organizers in Philadelphia and Palestine; and public service announcements on the radio and TV. This is just the beginning!

To get involved, email us. For events and updates, keep checking!

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