Sunday, January 21

Abir Aramin, daughter of Bassam Aramin of Combatants for Peace, killed by Israeli troops

Many Philadelphia activists witnessed the power of the organization Combatants for Peace when members toured Philadelphia spreading their message of nonviolent struggle to end the Israeli occupation.

One of their members has suffered a terrible tragedy, a result of the ongoing brutality of the occupation. Please do what you can to end to suffering of Palestinian kids and families. Do what you can to fight for a just peace!

Faculty For Israeli-Palestinian Peace:

Dear friends,

I am sorry to inform you about terrible News: Abir Aramin, the 10 year old daughter of Bassam Aramin from Combatan
ts for Peace was killed by Israeli troops during her school's recess.

We ask faculty and students world wide to condemn this action by the Israeli army and the general practice of firing in the vicinity of schools without regard for the lives of young Palestinian children. We call upon the Israeli army to punish those who are responsible for this tragedy and stop killing Palestinian children. In 2006,140 Palestinian children were killed by the Israeli army, almost triple the number killed in 2005. This practice must end.

Yoav Elinevsky

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