Wednesday, May 14

Volunteers Needed! Commemoration of Al-Nakba

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On Sunday, May 18th , Philadelphia-area Middle East peace activists will cast a shadow of mourning on The Israel at 60 anniversary celebration.

As supporters of Israel celebrate down the Ben Franklin parkway, Palestinians and solidarity activists send a cloud of black balloons into the sky to mark the 60th anniversary of Palestinian dispossession.

Volunteers are needed to prepare and release the balloons in order to make this action as effective as possible.

To prepare balloons meet at 10AM at AFSC (15th and Cherry Sts) on Sunday, May 18. To release balloons, arrive by 11AM for a rally in front of AFSC. Remember to wear black!

To help plan this commemoration, please meet at Calvary Church on Thursday, May 15 at 6:30pm. This event is sponsored by the Philadelphia Al-Nakba Coalition,

For those concerned with the environmental effects of balloon releases, let it be known that we are not tying strings to the balloons and that latex, made from natural tree rubber, is biodegradable.

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